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Grades 2-8 (Cohort C only) come on Tuesday, September 29th at 8:30am.

Grade K (Cohort C only) comes at 9:00 am
Grade 1 (Cohort C only) comes at 9:15 am

Grades 2-8 (Cohort A only) come Wednesday, September 30th at 8:30 am.

Grade K (Cohort A only) comes at 9:00 am
Grade 1(Cohort A only) comes at 9:15 am

Grades 2-8 (Cohort B only) come Thursday, October 1st at 8:30 am.

Grade K (Cohort B only) comes at 9am.
Grade 1(Cohort B only) comes at 915 am.

DOE Change in Start Date: How does this impact when students go to school?

The start dates for New York City schools have changed. The first day of remote (at home) instruction for all students is September 16. In-school instruction will begin on September 21. The first days of in-school classes are as follows:

Monday, September 21: Group B

Tuesday, September 22: Group C

Wednesday, September 23: Group A

Learning Group Assignments are Coming!

Dear families of PS 225:

Please check your mail over the next few days for a letter from our school. We are informing families of their child’s learning group for September. The letter will inform you which group your child is in and which day is their first day of school. The letter will also include a calendar for the month of September.

See you soon,

Mr. Cosmai


Reopening Plans with the Principal

Dear Parents:
Please join me for another meeting on August 18 at 6:00 pm to discuss our school's reopening in September. Click "Read More" below to go to the meeting on 8/18.
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