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September Scheduling Information

Dear Parents:
This September, our school will be using a hybrid learning model. This means that we will be providing instruction both in school and remotely using Google Classroom.  Much of the at-home remote instruction will be live so that we can ensure our students are receiving engaging instruction each day.
As we discussed at our meeting for parents on August 5th, there will be four groups of students: Group A, B, C and D.  Group D will be made up of the students who selected remote learning for all 5 days each week.  Students in Groups A, B, and C will have a mix of in school learning and at-home remote learning.  We are currently programming all students, but this will take some time to complete.  During the last week of August, parents will be notified as to which group their children are in and on which days they should report to school if they have chosen the hybrid model.  We will let you know which group your child is in, which day to report for the first day of school, and you will receive a schedule for the month of September so you know which days your child must report to school if they selected the in school model.  
Please be assured that we are working very hard to make sure our school is safe for all of our students and staff members. Even though these are difficult times, I look forward to the start of the school year.
Michael Cosmai